Audatex Estimating

Audatex has a vast collection of vehicle data, including repair logic based on official information from 66 manufacturers. The database covers more than 22,400 vehicle models with 71,000 model options in 17 languages, and an average of 1000 parts per vehicle. In order to ensure that the latest data is always available, over 13,000 updates are made to this database daily.

The extent of our data enables us to produce a repair calculation which includes manufacturers' parts prices, and parts numbers, as well as taking into account the repair logic, such as removing and refitting adjacent parts, and various labour and paint rates. As a result, the repair costs hide no surprises for any party involved.

Audatex provides the tools assessors and repairers need to identify the vehicle in full, for example using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and to determine the damaged parts by clicking on a graphical representation of the actual vehicle, showing all the correct model options and any other equipment that has been fitted.

Damage recording can be done on the spot as assessors or repairers walk around the vehicle. If evidence of damage is needed for other parties, photos from a digital camera can be added. The cost of repairing the damage is calculated online to ensure that the latest data and prices are used.

           Integrated solutions

Audatex provides a number of services to support each stage of the claims process: information on pre-accident damage, dedicated glass calculation for small damages, assessor and repair shop assignment, parts procurement, automated invoice checking, Salvage auction and management information on assessment details and costs.